How are you finding your summer so far, hot, sunny, muggy or soaking wet? What better time to start looking at Regatta clothing after all when you live in the UK you will need good, strong reliable water-proof garments especially in the summer and Regatta clothing has all of those assets and much, much more.

Since their inception in the early 80’s Regatta clothing has been thrust into the breach, their birthplace was cold, wet and miserable Manchester the perfect testing ground for durable, strong and water-resistant products. The story behind how Regatta acquired their name is one of those fables steeped in intrigue and good fortune. Their origins stem from a solitary market stall in Manchester City Centre where the Black family sold clothing imported from the Far East, one particular shipment of outdoor clothing managed to sell out in record time. The products, workwear vendor jackets in this case had the name Regatta stitched in the left breast and It wasn’t long before customers were asking when the “Regatta clothing” was coming back. Quickly the Black family secured a supply chain with the Far East manufacturer and embossed the name Regatta as their company name and a brand was born.

From the beginning Regatta clothing have invested millions of Pounds in R&D and innovations, which have propelled their brand to the pinnacle of excellence. Today they are the benchmark to measure against all waterproof outdoor clothing whether that’s for leisure pursuits or increasingly for workwear. The professional range is designed specifically for the workwear market and in our opinion they offer some of the best products we’ve seen. Regatta has designed their workwear to be durable, tough, waterproof, economical and stylish. The main assets workwear brands strive to attain is stylish, sought after products as well as being protective and tough enough. Brands try to achieve market crossover success, Carhartt has achieved this goal so has Dickies workwear many others have tried or are trying to follow suit as this strategy generates more profit, brand equity and kudos.

Regatta clothing is inherently stylish following the simple principle of using their leisurewear range to form the basis for all their workwear designs, which has resulted in great success. Regatta didn’t grow to be a 30 million pound turnover company based on poor products design and creation.

Where Regatta clothing really score points is their jackets and fleece garments, a lot of other workwear brands either tend to largely neglect their jacket designs or charge a fortune for them what Regatta clothing has done is simple yet brilliant they focused on their workwear jackets creating many styles and designs to cater for all work roles as well as leisure pursuits. All their clothing has a “value for money” ethos at the core and because of this you get a hell of a lot of jacket for the money you pay. Regatta Clothing has been so successful at this strategy that other brands have had to up their game or reduce prices to even compete.

Regatta clothing is the perfect workwear brand especially in these tough economic times because they offer great value at the same time producing high performance products.

In September 2012 Regatta clothing launch their new range called “Hardwear” which is aimed at workers who need fantastic protection from the elements while also requiring tough and rugged practical workwear. Little additions such as abrasion resistant patches around the cuffs and the use of their own fabric treatment “ATL” which makes the workwear resistant to dirt and stains will make these products hugely successful. Along with premium own brand treatments like ATL, Regatta are adding their excellent Isotex fabrics to provide superior water-resistant qualities to the new Hardwear products as well as adding durable abrasion resistant fabrics to strategic places on their clothing. Areas like the elbows and cuffs which are some of the first locations to fail so Regatta clothing have added Oxford Dobby polyester which is a heavy-duty tough fabric designed to extend the longevity of the product. Even with new fabric additions the main aim of making workwear which is both lightweight and functional has to be at the forefront of all Regatta clothing design.


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