Name Meaning

Aadab A popular name that demonstrates interminable expectation

Aa’idah Name of a storyteller of hadith

Aaliya A mainstream name as of late speaking to a high social height

Abla A lady who is full fledged

A’dab A individual who is brimming with trust

Adeeva The wonderful tenderness of a lady’s touch

Ahad A lady who consistently stays faithful to her commitment

Almaas Another word for a young lady sparkling like a precious stone

Ameera The adored and commended one Muslim Names

Anisha Can either mean somebody secretive or an awesome companion

Baadia A one of a kind name for a remarkable young lady

Badai Wonder,Marval

Badra Full Moon

Bareeka The magnificence of a blooming blossom

Benazir Referencing the brilliant pioneer, it is likewise another name for a princess

Cancandanc Light of Allah

Caria Beloved

Daaria A stream that never subsides its stream

Daima Someone who might be available for an incredible duration

Dalila Delicate ,Gentle

Damira Long live the world

Eila Oak tree, Earth

Eira Snow

Falak The delightful sky that gleams with her light

Fara A well known name for a young lady who carries satisfaction with her

Fauzia A lady who consistently discovers accomplishment in her life

Fayroz Inspired by the wonderful shade of the shading turquoise

Ghushan The delicate parts of a tree

Haaniya The endowment of basic joy in our lives

Huda A drifting name demonstrating the right method to lead a real existence

Ilhaam A young lady who is a motivation for everybody around her

Inbihaaj A bright youngster

Jahanara A tough lady intended to administer the world

Jannat Another famous Muslim name referencing the heaven

Kaarima A young lady who is very liberal

Laakia Someone who is no less valuable than a fortune

Maaysa A lady who has a sure walk

Mahaa This could allude to an uncommon pearl or even an unending flexibly of unadulterated water

Malala Intensely adored after Malala Yusufzai turned into a notable name, it alludes to the quality from complaint

Naayla A name implied for the princess of Egypt

Nabeela Someone who is honorable

Nadima Companion

Nausheen The basic pleasantness of a little youngster

Nazia A little girl who carries wonder to her family

Pegah The development of another first light

Raadva As tall and relentless as the mountain in Medina itself

Raaya A companion forever

Reema A exceptionally well known name among numerous societies, alluding to a thick backwoods

Salima A lady totally faultless all around

Sarah Still utilized generally by many, for its reference to a princess

Shaaheen As imperial as a bird

Shakufa A bloom that is developing perfectly

Sofia An keen and insightful lady

Tabana Bright Moonlight

Tabinda Shines, Bright

Taheera A truly intriguing name for a virtuous lady

Taleeha The searcher of all information

Ummeed Another word for undying expectation

Veeya Wealth

Wabisa Something Bright

Yameena A lady who has been raised the correct way

Yasmeen A famous Muslim name for a young lady looking like a jasmine bloom

Zahra As immense and sweeping as the desert itself

Zaina A basic name for an effortless lady

Zara The dazzling nature of a bloom

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