Various over the counter insomnia sleeping pills are available in pharmacies. These are the not the ideal remedy for insomnia. They can come with various side effects, specially long term effects on your body and mind. Here are various reasons why you should try to avoid taking them order xanax online usa:

> Your body develops tolerance to these pills , thereby you need more and more to have the same effect as before.

> When you stop taking insomnia sleeping pills, your body may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

> They may not produce a restful sleep.

> Sleeping pills may have a lingering effect and may even cause daytime-drowsiness.

> When medicine is discontinued, there may be possibility for the insomnia to return.

> Sleeping pills can cause or worsen other health conditions.

> You should be careful while taking them if you are taking allergy medicines, muscle relaxants, anesthetics, heart medications etc.

> Sleeping pills should also be avoided during initial stages pregnancy.

> Sleeping pills are not suitable to be given to anyone under the age of 18. Hence they cannot be used to treat

> These over the counter sleeping pills are addictive. You can observe that a lot of people get addicted to them.

> They may do very little or absolutely nothing in cases of chronic insomnia.

> Overdosing on sleeping pill can be dangerous. If you doubt whether someone has an overdose of sleeping pill, read about its symptoms here: Symptoms of overdosing on sleeping pill.

> They do not improve day-time functioning, that indicates that the quality of sleep by taking sleeping pills can be very bad.

> Insomnia pills may interfere with other drugs you are taking and change their reaction.

> Sleeping pills may be less effective if a person has been suffering from insomnia from a long time.

> It is not effective as a long-term cure for insomnia.

> They should not be taken without consulting a qualified doctor first. Even the doctors should prescribe pills as a last resort.

>The prescriptions for insomnia can mask the real causes of poor sleep .

>Some other side effects of sleeping pills include possibility of high blood pressure, bizarre behaviour etc.

Natural sleep is best. A natural good night’s sleep is physically restorative and can help in improving our memory and moods. Instead of taking sleeping pills, a better option would be to find out about the cause of your insomnia (like stress, tension etc.) and try to remove it.

However if you do have to take some kind of medicine necessarily then its better to opt for natural and herbal medicines or homemade sleeping pills which are not addictive and may not have serious side-effects when compared to over the counter insomnia sleeping pills available in the market.

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