Its name gets from the fief of Bourbon-l’Archambault that the begetter of the family, Robert of Clermont , sixth offspring of Louis IX the Saint , seized, wedding in 1279 Beatrice , young lady of the last crude expert of that area, Agnes of Dampierre , and her significant other John of Burgundy . caffe borbone

Robert’s youngster, Louis I of Bourbon , procured the ducal title from Charles IV in 1327 . The name remained with the family even after the capture of the Bourbonese by Francis I of France following the selling out of the constableCharles III of Bourbon-Montpensier .

The branches into which the Bourbons isolated in the Middle Ages were three: the basic one started with Peter I ( 1310 – 1356 ) disappeared when the young lady of Peter II of Bourbon, expert of Beaujeu, Susanna, obtained from Louis XII the alternative to succeed everyone the property of his people and married his cousin Charles having a spot with the cadet part of Bourbon-Montpensier . The third line re-visitations of a nephew of Roberto, Giovanni di La Marche , who, following his association with the sister of the last check of Vendôme, Bouchard VII, set up the piece of the Bourbon-Vendôme, which went to the seat of France with Henry IV in 1589, beginning the great organization of the Bourbons of France .

From the sixteenth century this family acknowledged extraordinary centrality and got one of the saints of the recorded background of Europe : it successfully continued with the fight against the Habsburgs began by the Valois , completed the unification of France and until 1848 almost perceived itself with the chronicled scenery of this .

To this family had a spot a couple of sovereigns of exceptional centrality, for instance, Henry IV and Louis XIV .

The family gets by in France with the Orléans branch , carried into the world with Philip ( 1640 – 1701 ), second offspring of Louis XIII . The Bourbons of Orleans, resulting to having held the system of France ( 1715 – 1723 ) during the minority of Louis XV , rose the seat in 1830 with Louis Philippe , sort of the liberal tendencies of the time against the conservative penchants of the rough branch.

With the death of Henry, Count of Chambord, the last specialist of the crude branch in 1883 , the Orléans branch remained a faker to the French seat.

Minor security lines of the Bourbons were that of the Condé , got from Louis I of Bourbon-Condé , uncle of Henry IV, and that of the Borbone-Conti , assurance of the previous one. Instances of the two branches were dynamic partners of the good opposition at the hour of the Fronda . The most famous sovereigns were Louis II of Bourbon-Condé , known as the Gran Condé, and Louis Henry who was PM of Louis XV . The Condé branch disappeared in 1830 and that of the Counts in 1814 . Another branch really existing, yet thought to be misguided, is that of the Bourbon-Bussetsderiving from Louis, diocesan of Liège, who passed on in 1482 .

A short anyway well known branch was that of the Dukes of Vendôme-Mercoeur, began by a nonsensical offspring of Henry IV and Gabrielle d’Estrées .

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