In the point of convergence of Budapest, in Nádor street, a superbly and exquisitely redesigned 1.5 room + parlor, high-ceilinged, cooled space is for rent in a sweeping lift, engineered in a commendable midtown building. Apartment in Budapest

The territory is moreover ideal for public vehicle and delight. School, kindergarten, drug store are similarly two or three stages.

Halting is possible in the city or in the near to underground parking spaces

An exceptional and rich, 109 sq m townhouse is open for rental at maybe the best street in Lipotvaros near the Parliament. The level is discovered one second from the US Embassy, Szabadsag Square Park and the Parliament, in a wonderful zone. Masterminded on the principal floor in a starting late revamped working, with a specialist entrance. The property has a good exhibition with a view to the quiet and verdant Aulich street. Totally equipped to an excess norm with remarkable good old things, it has a colossal entry with part of extra limit, a diminished kitchen, a pamper parlor with exhibition, a parlor with pleasant sofas, an agreeable room and a washroom with shower. Totally furnished and arranged, anyway may be rented void also depends upon your requesting. For more information on this property, or to design a study, you should don’t stop for a second to contact me.

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