The Norse men and women of a 1000 years ago documented their ideas, verses and vows of affection in the runic alphabet. Chiseled on hardwood, bone and stone, their voices express themselves over the centuries to this present day. On Orkney you can see mens white gold rings which can be found in one native artist’s Runic line – these items possess a secret personal message on the inside.

This kind of ring is the best design for the romantics amidst guys. The runic content spells ‘I love you’. Although this is written openly on this piece, there are additional items of jewellery which communicate very similar emotion but much more discretely. The standard Celtic cross necklace harnesses the early people’s utilization of the age-old Celtic folklore which appears to carry on for eternity – much like the love of two people.

Runic text was utilized in Germanic and Scandinavian regions. The alphabet was used a long time in advance of the Roman letters and Latin that were introduced into these areas with the first appearance of early Christian beliefs. Runes have been demonstrated to be based on an early Italic vocabulary, though in Orkney whenever Runic calligraphy has been found, black tungsten carbide rings  it is believed to have been left by Viking raiders who arrived here enroute back from battling in the Crusades. Some ancient Norse poems known as the Edda, proclaimed the fact that the owner of the runes was the Norse god Odin.

Understanding The Secrets of Mens White Gold Rings

However the background of runes is a bit confusing. Many runes spell out writings in Latin. In many cultures runes were put to use alongside with Latin script. In Sweden runes were put to use right until the fifteenth century. Though they were mostly used for aesthetic purposes.

There was clearly a fashionable renewal of curiosity in runes in what is frequently called “the Romantic Age”, the early part of the Nineteenth century. Fans of folklore liked to refer back to the audacious Viking times. Runes were thought of as a sign of energy in Nazi Germany with various runic designs utilised by Heinrich Himmler. Himmler was thought to have had a significant fascination with the occult together with other forms of black magic.

JJR Tolkien famously used runes on his map of Middle Earth in the epic saga “The Hobbit” and after that subsequently conceived his signature style of runes which showed up in the more renowned “Lord of the Rings”. They are still extremely popular even today in some fantasy novels.

So, runes are still being employed for romantic and ornamental purposes, as shown in designs and styles like mens white gold rings. Also, the Celtic cross necklace design could have been yet another favorite image known to early men and women that once stayed in Orkney.

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