Tolanibaj could at last be able to reveal her individuality.

The Lockdown dwelling acquired a little bit intensive this morning following key arguments all revolving close to chores and Big Brother’s foods.

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Housemates, Ka3na and Tolanibaj had a brutal deal with-off which Apparently, will come as a surprise as Tolanibaj in the past 7 days, appeared serene and non-confrontational.
This week is a clear distinction given that the housemate might have retrieved her mojo just after Sunday night’s eviction announcement.

Pursuing the drama-loaded morning, Significant Brother addressed the housemates to the yoga session, Plainly to help the housemates While using the chill pill some desperately required. With any luck ,, the long minutes of meditation could possibly help with The stress.

Faraway from the eviction discover, the latest drama also comes as no surprise. Following the new HOH’s Monday evening address, it became evident which the 7 days would spell ‘all hands on deck’ in caps for all housemates Specifically those who fancied lazying all-around while others cleaned and cooked.

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