With the present economy, and the majority of big resort casinos, losing money, going into bankruptcy as well as loans becoming thanks that many casinos, because of their present debt load can’t potentially pay, are actually searching for alternate methods to help keep the crowds coming in and create an income.

One particular brand new casino, will be the brand new M resort & spa, which opened, only very last month on the far south of the strip, even past Southpoint resort as well as casino Nettikasinot. The “M” resort is incredibly different and maybe a sign of the trend of the future. For example, have you heard of a casino, anyplace on the planet, creating a completely staffed pharmacy, right next to slot machines?

Yep, for sure, there it’s close to the sounds of those winning slot machines, on the casino floor. What in heavens name, is actually a pharmacy doing in a casino, you may simply question. Effectively, folks, the demographics of America as well as the over all population are actually changing. More and more individuals are starting to be more mature and no longer would like the multi mega casinos which were constructed in the 80’s as well as 90’s..

Seniors, want a far more closed in casino, exactly where they don’t need to walk a mile to get to the desired destination of theirs, typically only a bathroom, takes a number of city blocks in a mega casino to achieve. And regarding the pharmacy, would you know the number of seniors, are actually on a bit of prescription, millions of us, a definite in addition for the brand new “M” which will provide them repeat business for having been the fore runner of this brand new era.

Additionally, they have a buffet, that after forty years in coming to Vegas, and having eaten at nearly every buffet in town, which includes the brand new Wynn, hands down beats every buffet in this city, for cost, service, ambiance and selection of the surrounding environment in the M buffet.

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