In recent times, the popularity of BB or Beauty Balm creams has increased a lot. Be it a brunch date or a lunch invitation, a BB cream is enough to make your day.

Basically, it works more like a primer where your skin complexion looks even toned.

An amazing BB cream helps to hide all your blemishes and imperfections. But, is that all?

Well! Just an inspection to the cosmetics market would reveal how amazing BB cream formulations are these days. All those BB creams are not only mere beauty balms but also are loaded with numerous benefits.

In this article, I am going to share 3 amazing benefits of BB cream that would compel you to put one in your makeup bag.


1.A BB Cream is More than Enough

BB creams are formulated and designed in such a stunning way that it can be worn stand-alone. You don’t need a foundation to make your looks dramatic. All you need is just a dab of BB cream. And, voila! You are ready to rock your day look.

You can always touch up with a concealer. But, it can be easily said that a BB cream is all you need especially during day time.

  1. Great Ammunition for a No Makeup Makeup Look

Many times it happens in the morning that our skin does not look upto the mark. Either we feel low in terms of energy or there are other bodily constraints. And as a result, our skin looks dull. If you have such a job profile where looking fit and fine is mandatory, then a BB cream can easily rescue you.

Just a touch up of Beauty Balm, an eyeliner, and a nude or bold lipstick are all you need to elevate your day look. Just make sure the shade matches your skin tone.


  1. It can Work as a Sunscreen Too

Well! It might sound surprising but this is a reality. If your BB cream comes with an SPF value of 30 or more than that, it can easily work as a sunscreen. Make sure you have chosen the right ingredient matching your skin type.

To know more about the benefits of BB cream, check out Cosmetics Arena.

So, which brand of BB cream you are going to purchase soon? Let us know.



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